Coach Profiles


Steve Titus: USAW National Coach

Steve is the owner of WNY Strength and Conditioning and has been coaching since 2003. He has been a USAW  certified weightlifting coach since 2005, and established Team WNY Weightlifting in 2010. He works with all levels of weightlifters from beginners and exercise enthusiasts to national level competitors. He has experience in qualifying male and female national level weightlifters from youth, juniors, seniors, and masters divisions. He is also experienced in working with athletes to develop them for their sport, most notably in wrestling.

His passion for the development of the sport of weightlifting has led him to enjoy working with beginner lifters to see the process of their development from when they start to how far they can progress and achieve their goals. 

Steve provides individual coaching and programming for all of his athletes. He has developed his own system from different methodologies throughout the world. He uses techniques that are most effective for him and his lifters. He offers coaching for weightlifting in a team setting at the facility. This format allows for himself and the athletes to collaborate and enjoy a community environment while he gives necessary instructions and corrections.  He also offers remote/online coaching to individuals of different levels. He has found success with coaching individuals remotely through preparation of national and local level competitions.


Chris Hanley: USAW SPorts performance coach, USAPL Club coach

Christopher Hanley has been a strength coach for the last 10 years.

Originating in the General strength and bodybuilding world, he has competed in that arena and produced top 3 competitors in multiple organizations at national events. 

From there, the transition came to focus on the Raw Powerlifting world, where he has produced top 5 finishers at USAPL Raw Nationals, and seeks to further expand his current team of athletes to incorporate athletes of all levels and skill sets.

The last 5 years have been spent alongside Team Western New York, refining his knowledge of the technical applications, periodization, and skill sets within Olympic weightlifting. 

The cumulative sum of these endeavors has created the baseline design for a Hybrid template which is tailor made for each individual and incorporates elements of all three sports.


Anthony C. Albano - DPT, USAW sports PERFORMANCE coach


Anthony is a physical therapist and weightlifting coach who has been a part of Team WNY Weightlifting since 2010. He began with the team to learn the sport of weightlifting while studying exercise science at D'Youville College. He furthered his education at D'Youville College, earning a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2014. Anthony uses his knowledge of the sport and education to provide valuable input to the program and work with the team's athletes on both preventative and rehabilitation services.  He received his USA Weightlifting Level I Coaching Certification in 2018.


Anthony also operates a solo physical therapy practice, which allows him to provide one-on-one attention to his patients.  His practice model is to look at the body as a whole system to establish a pattern of position and movement, address the normal asymmetries of the body, assess any spinal involvement of symptoms, then narrow down the specifics of the joints that may be involved. He is knowledgeable in sports rehabilitation to help athletes and weekend warriors. He also helps individuals looking to improve their quality of life and physical health. His practice not only involves physical therapy, but also incorporates prevention and recovery services to individuals trying to avoid injury.


Anthony can be contacted by email at or cell phone (716) 308-0523.